Monday, August 22, 2011

A gladiator tale

The Gladiator movie, Gladiator glasses & Gladiator sandals have been in vogue recently.. Who ever you see and where ever you go now seems to be wearing gladiator style shades & gladiator sandals.. I too was smitten by this trend :)

I had been on the look out for gladiator sandals ever since i came here.. Not one, but many stores have this style on their display.. and in all those store, I tried my "feet" in them :) Some too flashy, some too dull, some too gaudy and some which dint fit me well.. This was the story on most occasions.. Until we went to Hamm..

Hamm visit was to see the Kamadchi temple.. but who says we cant shop after the temple visit ;) So, just like that, I pulled my hubby buddy to go window shopping with me ;) Windows were colorful and the doors were ajar :) So, we did go inside most shops to see bags & ofcourse slippers..

One store there caught my eye.. It had slippers, bags and accessories displayed outside too .. "%" symbol on the displays as well... Meaning, DISCOUNTS!! What could I wait for now :) I simply barged into the store and started checking out the several GOOD slippers.. This store was the thing probably for which I waited..
Budget friendly, trendy, young collection filled the store.. And among the many many displays, in a corner, was my "gladiator sandals" :) :)

I grabbed it asap so that no one else could take it away before I did :P And yes, things worked well ... It was nice, sober , budget friendly and perfectly fitting my feet!! My shopping was done :) I felt so happy that I attributed this luck of getting the perfect slippers to the blessings of goddess Kamadchi :)
I flaunted my slippers among my folks and friends and waited for no occasion in particular to wear these slippers..

Day before yesterday, along with a friend, we decided to go to a Castle near by. Since the weather was sunny and the sky was clear, it definitely was a fine day!!
It took us an hour to reach the castle and by now, the weather was hotter and sunnier.. The beauty of the castle was the huge pond surrounding which is a long stretch of walk way.. It also has a huge forest like area where we took a long stroll.. There is the river Rhine which flows behind this castle.. There, along the banks of the river, under the scorching sun, we had our light lunch.. That was when I realized, I was getting tanned .. almost to the color of my brown gladiator slippers :(

We came home and first thing I did was to check myself in the mirror - only to realize that I had got a two layer tan!! The moment of horror was now - as I unzipped my gladiator slippers... OMG!!
My slippers have a beautiful design on them which made them attractive to my eyes :) Now, this design was block printed on my feet !!! All thanks to the sunny weather and the long strolls in the scorching sun!!

What was dear to me caused me this?? A two layer tan?? with a design like the one on the slippers??? NO!!!

This surely was an incident which made me feel bad at tht moment... but yeah, now, I have a hearty laugh as I share that anecdote here :)

This was the gladiator tale :) A tale which will surely be remembered whenever I wear my slippers again :)